Cattle For Sale

We calve out around 300 females every spring and roughly half our herd is made up of commercial females. We run all our cattle just like they are old commercial cows. They have to endure the elements and we don’t have time to do any pampering or put up with cattle that take extra time and inputs. We are just like any other operation that makes it’s living off of producing pounds of beef and we are constantly trying to do that as efficiently as possible.

The outputs of our cowherds are Hereford bulls, crossbred and hereford females, and feeder calves. Our bulls and females go to cattlemen who have come to expect reliable and consistent genetics from our breeding program. We produce eye appealing performance cattle that excel.

Yearling Hereford Bulls

Every year we have an exciting selection of yearling and two year old bulls for sale. These bulls are the best of the best and have undergone multiple evaluations.

Coming Two Year Old Hereford Bulls

Ruggedly developed Hereford bulls ready for heavy use. All Bulls are semen test and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Herd Bull Prospects
Partial Ownership Available

We offer partial ownership in top individuals of our bull program. These bulls excel both visually as well as have data to back them up. All herd bull prospects and commercial bulls are raised the same until after a year of age.

Commercial Females For Sale

Available After June 1st - Cow/calf Pairs - Best Commercial Cattle you can buy.

Performance - Carcass - Maternal

Three year old cows with late March and April calves at side

Dewormed and calves will get 1st round of shots, which include Bova, Shield Gold, MultiMin, and Inforce 3. 
· Performance information on cows; including previous calves data
· Complete sire information on calves